What Makes A Man A Man in Contemporary Australia

"You can be released from prison and you’re physically free…but if you’re in denial and you’re still blaming, you’re not free within yourself."

- Dean Daley-Jones

"I remember saying at a very, very early age that the violence in the Anderson line would stop with me."

- Angry Anderson

"If there’s danger in the air, if there’s violence in the wind, just move away."

- Peter FitzSimons

"Finding that key element in your life, that you can really enjoy and set goals around, then life becomes a lot happier, a lot easier."

- Curtis Palmer

" Why do I have to explain my sexuality, whatever that is, when none of my siblings have had to explain what their sexuality is."

- Tobin Saunders

" My father, ‘til he was eighty would stand on the side of the road and let a white man walk across the road before he, himself would walk."

- Stephen Page

"You were taught a lot of bad things which you thought were cool at the time, and I probably followed them and thought I want to be like them."

- Chris Standing

"They got into drugs, alcohol, ended up in prison, but never got to really understand what was happening for them."

- Terry OConnell


This "virtual" mentoring project is a multi-media resource for men of all ages, developed around a collection of "life lessons and reflections" of well-known Australian male public figures. These respected men come from a variety of professional, sporting and social contexts, including well-known media personalities, and men from Indigenous and culturally diverse communities.

These "virtual mentors" could in part serve as role-models to men who may be struggling through adversity, unsure of how to get ‘back on track’, or lacking a sense of purpose or direction. Others may simply be curious about the lives of successful contemporary older and younger men, known to them through the media.

All interviews are available for free from ‘Downloads’.

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